"Moving Forward"

  • Breaking Stronghold
  • Past Is The Past
  • Goals/ Setting
  • Purpose
  • Beauty and Health
  • God's Promises
  • Living Life To The Fullest 



(Founder) Jacqueline Cain, Elder at Hope and Life,Breast Cancer Survivor, Author, and Spokesperson for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

"​Conquering Odds, People, Situations and Needs Everyday"

#WomenConquering Conference


9:00am - 1:00pm 

Free Admission-Breakfast and Light Snacks Served  


Founder: Jacqueline Cain 

Panel To Answer Questions:

Jacqueline Cain, Pastor Donna Whitten, Kia Wages, Angelia Oglesby, Renee Pullman, Dallas George, Carolyn Lamar, Linda Jefferson, Denise Avery, Morgan Hall, Dee Davis and Judith Jackson 

Workshops and Conferences Registrations 

Pictures from the March 19, 2016, Conference 

Pictures from the November 7, 2015, Conference 

Conference Speakers (November 5, 2015 - 9:00am- 1:00pm)